O’Dwyer Accreditation is passionate about showing laboratories how to operate efficiently and effectively and meet NATA requirements at the same time. People normally reach out to us because they’re struggling with NATA accreditation requirements, how to improve their systems, or going through their first NATA assessment.

We show organisations how to move from a culture of compliance to a culture of improvement.

Experience counts

Cathy has been working in laboratory accreditation since 1992 and helping laboratories gain & keep NATA accreditation since 2002. She has extensive experience, qualifications and expertise with ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 and NATA accreditation processes.

She also has experience with ISO 9001 in laboratory settings and GLP.

Cathy is known for her practical knowledge and helpful approach to laboratories having difficulty with meeting requirements or wanting to improve their performance. She has a relaxed and friendly style that encourages free exchange of information. She is quick to identify key issues and work to find solutions to her clients’ problems.

When she’s not providing accreditation assistance you can find her in the garden, doing tai chi or out walking.

Part of a Community

O’Dwyer Accreditation has a strong network of like-minded colleagues with extensive experience in method development, management, compliance, systems and improvement across a number of different fields of testing. Between us, we can usually find someone who can help with any laboratory – related issues that you may have.

We maintain good relationships with NATA personnel and can help you work out who you need to speak to.

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