Keeping your laboratory accreditation (& business) safe
Good laboratory quality systems don’t just cover the things that NATA expects to see, they also support the laboratory management to make the right decisions.  Whether you have laboratory accreditation, GLP or ISO 9001 certification, there are some key strategies that I have seen organisations use to protect their accreditation status and their business:

Say no to work when it is not right (too much, too little, wrong type, wrong client, wrong time)
Train staff members thoroughly before sending them out on their own
Replace departing staff members promptly
Backfill for staff on extended leave
Review their prices regularly
Cultivate ideal clients through suitable marketing
Know the accreditation requirements and how they are meeting them
Have a system in place and follow it
Understand the science and measurement traceability behind the tests they do
Regularly review their operations, make decisions and follow through
Plan changes thoroughly, involving all stakeholders
Use incidents and complaints and internal audits to improve their systems

These organisations have happy employees who know they have a secure job.  Staff know they will be given the time to learn before they have to do, and that there is always someone there who knows more than they do.

When NATA comes visiting, they may be nervous but not afraid.  They will be looking forward to showing the laboratory operations to the NATA assessment team and hoping that all their hard work will be obvious.  The discussions with NATA will be engaging and open, and disagreements handled without animosity.

Keep these practices up so you can celebrate after your next laboratory accreditation assessment.
Laboratory quality systems can help
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